Our Bi-directional Wi-Fi energy meter products (WEM3080 and WEM3080T) are widely used for monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in a residential electricity system or solar system. This document introduces the application of how to integrate our meters into Solax Portal For more details about our Wi-Fi energy meter, please refer to Product FAQ

1. Introduction

Solax is a very big inverter manufacturer in China. Solax Portal is an online monitoring platform enabling you to monitor Solax inverter around the clock. If you buy Solax inverter and monitor your Solax inverter on Solax Portal, you can also easily bind our WiFi energy meter to Solax Portal then you can view more data (exported power, exported energy, grid consumption...) in the same system-Solax Portal.

2. Bind the meter with your Solax inverter

Step1, install and setup your WiFi energy meter. Then register it on Iammeter. Please refer to the Quickstart.

Note: If you integrate the meter to Solax Portal, when installing the meter, the CT direction must be reversed to that shown in the diagram in the quickstart document because the two platforms (Iammeter & Solax Portal) define the current direction differently.

Step2, bind the meter with your Solax meter according to the actual installation. Login to your Solax Portal account, click on the left menu bar "Inverter", then click "Edit" button on the right.

Fill the meter's SN in the blank of "Power meter SN". Then click "Save".

3. View the data

After few minutes, you can view the data on your overview webpage. You can also see the data in the data report.

4 Reference

QuickStart document of single phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080): WEM3080 Quickstart

QuickStart document of three phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080T): WEM3080T Quickstart

How to appy the WiFi Energy Meter in a Solar System:Apply in Solar System


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